Agricultural Equipment and Supplies: Optimising and Maintaining Your Equipment

Agricultural Equipment and Supplies: Optimising and Maintaining Your Equipment

Things you should check when buying a used tractor

by Micheal Webb

At times, buying a new tractor or leasing one may be quite costly. This leaves with the alternative of buying a used tractor, especially if it is cheaper than paying the periodic charges for a hired one. Buying a used tractor does not mean that you cannot get value for your money. In fact, it is possible to acquire a machine that will serve you effectively and for a long time if you know what to look at when buying. Here are a few pointers to help you buy a quality used tractor:

Check the engine

The engine is an essential part of the tractor because it determines its performance. The engine must be in good order for you to carry your heavy load or use the tractor for ploughing the large tracts of land you want. First, start by checking for any leaks from the engine, which is an indication that the engine needs some minor repairs or replacement of worn out seals.

Start the engine and listen as it runs for a few minutes. Take note of any knocking sound, often an indication of the need for a major repair. Moreover, you should also observe the colour of the smoke emitted by the exhaust pipe. White or blue smoke shows that there is oil combustion in the engine. This calls for some oil servicing. If you detect any of these signs, ask the seller if they will incur the costs of servicing or whether you will have to shoulder them.

Look at the maintenance logs

Ask for the maintenance records of the tractor from the sell. In this records, you should check for any major repairs that have been done to the engine and the date they were done. This will help you to determine if the tractor was afforded good care by the owner. For instance, you can see if there is a regular pattern of changing the engine oil, meaning that the engine has been kept at its optimum best.

Examine the cab

The cab is as much an important part of the tractor as the engine. Check the overall conditions of the seats and the dashboard to determine if they correspond to the age of the tractor. The gauges must be responsive and indicate the right information. Such small details show that the tractor has been well-maintained for the period that it has been in use.

Inspect the wheels

Check for any bulges on the side of the tyre, which shows that they are worn out and they have to be replaced. In addition, they should fit well to the wheel to prevent any tyre bursts.


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Agricultural Equipment and Supplies: Optimising and Maintaining Your Equipment

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